Emancipator Remixes CD
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Emancipator Remixes CD

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Emancipator has invited a choice collection of artists to offer their interpretation of Emancipator songs spanning both of his previous releases; creating a powerful culmination of sound that is, Remixes. Collaborators such as Blockhead, Big Gigantic, Ooah, Michal Menert, and Emancipator himself, contribute their expertise and ingenuity; packing this 14 track selection with gusto, intelligence, and substance.

1. anthem (NYM remix)
2. ares (Big Gigantic remix)
3. bury them bones (Marley Carroll remix)
4. nevergreen (Blockhead remix)
5. when i go (Michal Menert remix)
6. first snow (Ooah remix)
7. jet stream (Derek Van Scoten remix)
8. old devil (Kept Blue remix)
9. rattlesnakes (saQi remix)
10. black lake (Emancipator remix)
11. safe in the steep cliffs (Erothyme remix)
12. siren (Tor remix)
13. soon it will be cold enough (Aligning Minds remix)
14. vines (The Great Mundane remix)
 Item #: XZCDEM01

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