Maps & Father King EP
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Maps & Father King EP

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Release Date: November 11, 2016

1 x 12” EP on Smoke vinyl. Includes remastered versions of “Maps” and “Father King” by Emancipator, along with two remixes of each song.

 Item #: XZLPEM06
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Papa Djee (12/5/2016)
Super slick the music and the colors. Only wish would be download mp3 code.
Andrew (11/28/2016)
Great artwork; amazing music from my favorite musician.
AnotherGuitar (11/28/2016)
I just want to first say that I'm a huge fan of emancipator. Anyway, I spent about $30 on this vinyl, expecting that there would be a free digital download as part of my purchase. As someone who has been collecting vinyl's for quite some time now, this is a policy that almost every artist has. If you support them by buying a CD/vinyl, you get to own the digital versions as well. But somehow, it was decided that this purchase would not include a digital copy. So I suppose I'm expected to shell out another $6-8 to repurchase content I picked up in a physical format? Sorry to say, but that's ridiculous. I routinely buy vinyls for half the price, from lesser known artists, who gladly provide a download link upon purchase. Incredibly disappointing.